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A Revolution In Dispute Resolution

We agree that everyone is entitled to the same high quality and professional support to help find long lasting resolution that is low cost, completely confidential, fast and effective.

Have Confidence in our Experience

  • We are a specialist dispute resolution provider

  • We are legally trained

  • We are professionally accredited

  • We hold over 15 years professional experience

We understand that agreements need to be workable, practical and individually tailored to provide long lasting resolution.

Disputes arise in all aspects of our lives and if left unresolved can become heated, difficult to manage and often grow out of our control.

It can feel that the only real and practical solutions available are to give up and live with it or fight it out in Court.

Both of these options are limited because they will not provide long lasting resolution.

The Change is Here

Family Dispute Resolution is a mediation process that is required by law.  

In parenting matters, the Family Law Act 1975, now requires parties to attempt to resolve disputes between themselves with an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner before filing an application with the Court for parenting orders.  

We are specialist accredited and have helped many hundreds of families avoid Court and find long lasting resolution.

Stop Waiting

Don't waste your life being in conflict, being on long waiting lists or being in Court. 

We can organise a dispute resolution conference in as little as 24 hours from initial intake assessment with both parties.

We can intervene in Court proceedings, help resolve the issues in dispute and finalise the litigation.

Save Time & Legal Costs

We are here to help and with this positive change you will save enormous emotional, physical and financial costs.

Our fees are equivalent to 1 hour of legal fees with no fine print, no legal disbursements and are a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Conference Times

We understand that everyone is busy with work and family commitments which makes it difficult to take time off.

We achieve resolution in 1 joint conference session.  

You will not need to take time off to attend intake assessment meetings, multiple sessions and Court dates. 

We offer 10 am or 2 pm appointment times from Monday to Friday.

If these times are not suitable, please let us know so we can help with an after hours appointment time that better suits you.

We care and we can help today.

Accredited Family Dispute Resolution
Certificate Provider


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