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Workplace Agreements

Much of our life is built on our employment, how we live, the people we meet, even how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

It is not surprising then that Employment Law and employment relationships have developed over many years through the tensions between legal rights, competing commercial viability and personnel needs, as well as the need for protection for both employers and employees.

Most significantly in recent years the labour market has moved away from past "job for life" employment relationships, seeing employees progress through several different roles or jobs in their working careers.

Thus, where such competing needs and changing employment relationships exist, the scope and need for negotiation will continue to increase in the Australian workplace.

We agree that not all employees or employers are skilled negotiators.

We also understand that fair workplace agreements are achieved by ensuring:

  • both employers and employees participate equally;
  • any power imbalances are equalized;
  • goodwill and working relationships are preserved;
  • openness and transparency in the negotiating process;
  • everybody communicates their needs and concerns;
  • the process of negotiation is balanced and fair.

We offer high quality professional services that assist employers and employees to negotiate employment relationships in a safe, positive and productive environment.

Workplace Disputes

Disputes can arise in the workplace for a variety of different reasons.

Workplace disputes are costly because they often cause stress and sick leave, waste valuable time and resources, negatively impact on cooperation, teamwork and productivity, and in some cases lead to bullying and violence which ultimately results in loss of trained and experienced people.

We have gained considerable experience helping Government, Non-Government and Commercial Enterprises manage conflict and resolve workplace disputes by generating and negotiating solutions that support long lasting resolution.