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Family Law Settlements.

We offer fast and effective settlements in Family Law disputes concerning children as well as marital or de facto property issues.

With the assistance of a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner most matters can be resolved informally and in only one (1) session avoiding the enormous physical, emotional and financial cost of litigation.

In our experience most people are willing to enter into discussions and attempt to resolve family issues however at times this can become problematic because they:

  • don't know how to write down the terms of settlement, parenting plan or agreement reached,
  • find it difficult to identify and understand each other's needs and concerns,
  • get stuck on past misgivings and wrongdoings,
  • end up talking in circles and going over the same issues,
  • start point scoring and arguing,
  • make threats and say things they don't really mean,
  • make matters worse.

We can help sort out the confusion and relieve the frustration to allow you to get on with life.